“It’s better to grow healthy kids than fix injured adults”

From birth to age 7 children undergo a tremendous amount of neuro-development, which is why its essential to get these baebees checked! Although we do not treat these conditions, we simply remove the interference on the nervous system, here is a list of common conditions we see that respond well to Chiropractic Care!

“But My Child Doesn’t Have Chronic Pain, How Can You Help?”

Dysfunction in the nervous system can present in many different ways and lead to issues later in life. Check out the video below for more information on how Dr. Callie can help your child with Chiropractic Care.

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“The Hive Chiropractic Center understands that your family may have specific needs, especially in cases with children who have sensory or developmental disorders. We are happy to accommodate you and your family in any way that we can. Please let Dr. Callie know prior to your first appointment so she can provide the best experience possible for you.”

– Dr. Callie Horstman