We are not your typical office. We are a family and community centered practice whose main focus is to keep your entire body functioning it’s best through Chiropractic Care! Our whole team is here to help you navigate through our 2 day new patient process to make it as smooth as possible. Once your first appointment is scheduled we will email you your new patient paperwork so you can fill that out in the comfort of your home and have one less task to worry about when you are in our office!

Fact finding day! Dr. Callie will gather the information from your new patient paperwork, the physical exam, and the neurological scans. Dr. Callie encourages you to be a thorough as possible with your paperwork so she can serve you the best! She will then use this information to develop a care plan that is unique to you and your health goals! You can expect this appointment to take about 45 minutes.

Decision time! Are you ready to commit to yourself and your health goals? Dr. Callie will sit down with you and reveal what she found and what steps are needed to reach your goals, including any further testing that may need to be done. After committing to care and more importantly yourself, you will schedule your appointments for the care plan and receive your first adjustment! This appointment typically takes 30 minutes.