Slowing Down

How in tune are you with the Seasons? In Spring do you deep clean and open the windows to receive fresh air and embrace the new season? Or Fall do you start to get cozy, take out that crock pot, and slowly start to accept change? Winter has always been a time for reflection, turning inward, and slowing down. In nature, all living things go through this process of conserving their resources – many even slow their breathing, snuggle in, and hibernate! And although we see these clues all around us, many in our society do the exact opposite! We say yes to hosting holiday events, we take on more than we want, we push harder to reach our New Year’s Resolution, and we over commit.

When we don’t listen to seasonal or even our own bodily cues we start to test the limits of nature. We put more stress on our systems than we can tolerate at this moment in time. We see an increase in illness, stress, and burnout. These illnesses and feelings stick around for what seems like forever – because we continue to ignore the cues!

This Winter I urge you to look inward, become more in tune with your bodily cues and conserve your energy. Some great ways to do that include:

  1. Saying no to something you don’t actually want to do. It’s okay to say “No”.
  2. Up your self care game. You don’t need to go to the spa every week, but throw on a Face Mask while you do the dishes or listen to that audio book you’ve been wanting to start while you watch your kids at hockey practice.
  3. Diaphragmatic breathing. Lay on the floor with your knees bent and your low back flat against the floor. Take one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Take some breaths with your belly, being mindful that the hand on your heart doesn’t move. Belly breathing stimulates our Vagus Nerve AKA our Brake Pedal – innately slowing us down and pumping those brakes! It’s like a mini hibernation :)
  4. Eat slow cooked food. Take the time to get the nutrients to refuel and repair so when Spring comes we are ready for that new chapter in our life!
  5. Get adjusted – of course! Adjustments stimulate the Vagus Nerve and remove stress on our Nervous System so that we can recharge, recover, and adapt to our surroundings.

Have a Happy New Year!


-Dr. Callie